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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Agent Kats strikes again! (Story-2)

Today, I was traveling back to Delft for an exam that I so desperately wanted to do well. Yeah, a little more desperate than the usual. I boarded an uncommonly crowded train in the misty morning with a cup of free espresso in one hand and exam notes in the other. I was already running late owing to the unfortunate change in train schedules. Adding to the confusion was the wrong destination displayed inside the train. After a lot of reconfirming, I sat down in one of the last few available seats. Right behind me two blonde ladies followed, mostly in their mid-twenties.(No racial pun intended. Since I don't remember any other visual attitude, this description will have to suffice without causing any offense). I smiled at them and got back to my notes, trying to cramp few last details before encountering the professor. One of them sat next to me while her friend occupied the seat on the other side of the aisle. All was well until the train started moving by which time they very disturbingly made themselves uncomfortably comfortable.

And then it began.. what is with some women? They talk like its the end of time! How do they go on, non-stop, yapping about nothing that serves any particular purpose to anyone in the whole wide world?! Boots, dresses, hair and someone else's boyfriend?! Especially when they come up with this shrill, utterly unnecessary high-pitched laugh for a ridiculously lame statement?? You got it right.. I had to endure a hour long torture from these women especially since the train had stopped in the middle of nowhere owing to bad railway traffic! And all I wanted to know for the day was Infrared thermography!

One of the recent times when I really lost my sanity! The two blondes and the couple right in front of me who were probably in a time warp, back to the last night, people standing along the aisle (which still did not deter the blondes from shouting across to each other) and seeing other trains moving past ours clearing the view for an enormous expanse of nothing. I couldn't move out of that place. I couldn't sit there either!

I was trembling inside. No it wasn't because of the cold. I couldn't hold back any longer. Something or someone was yelling in great fury and I couldn't place the voice. It was deep, crusty and yet enchanting! I felt as if the whole train was shaking violently but no one seemed to feel anything around. Meanwhile, the blondes felt the need to reassert their presence every second with their chafing vocals. The yelling was growing louder and yet distant. I was on the edge of my seat almost overthrown by the urge to hurl myself towards the door. And then it happened... A familiar six feet tall phantom of a frightening woman zapped out of me, slithered above the ground in between people at a speed that almost made her invisible and came to a rest, hovering few inches above the ground right in front of those annoying women. It was her! Agent Kats! It felt so good to see her after a very long time. She truly was captivating, more mesmerizing than the last time I saw her. She wasn't what you'd call- beautiful, but I could give up my eyes to look at her for an eternity.. There wasn't a slightest hint of anger on her face, nor did she exude kindness. She was power, a paradigm of confidence! A magnificent aura by herself that had dimmed the surroundings! She knew I needed her. She had come for me.

The blondes could suddenly feel her presence. And I hoped for their lives' worth, they would stop jabbering. Only when they didn't, Agent Kats showed herself to them! I was dreading the worst for those girls when they adamantly just continued chewing their fat. Agent Kats now unfolded her arms and in one swift motion ran them across their faces. I didn't see that coming but there were deep gashes and blood was draining out of the blonde girls' faces. It was then I saw that Agent Kats' fingers had turned into dazzling sharp cold Titanium blades. The blondes now threw in another surprise by launching themselves at her while Agent Kats showed no element of astonishment and glided high and then ducked low deferring their “attack”. It was as if the space had expanded inside the train and the seats had been pushed back to the walls. I had thought that nobody could elude her but the blondes here were themselves trying to thwart Agent Kats. I was shocked!

I sensed that, Agent Kats saw humor in their attempt to overpower her. Agent Kats jumped high and let the foible of her fingers sink into the roof. Dangling with one hand, she zipped out her special OMG11 console. As soon as the console saw the light of the day, it turned itself into a monster of a wire. The silly blonde tried to snap it into two using a knife. It only became longer and thicker and started entwining lightly around her neck and then her body. I thought may be it should tighten itself around her. I wasn't sure what it would do, the girl wasn't choking but she was convulsing all over. I wondered what was happening. Then I saw it, the thick wire had come out of Agent Kats, there was a tiny, almost invisible thread that connected the wire to Agent Kats' veins. A bright blue was visible on her forearm. It then struck me! She was draining current through her body to the blonde. The power was so high that splinters flew out of the train's body that was held captive by Agent Kats' lustrous metallic fingers. Mere human as the blonde was, she couldn't tolerate the high voltage between her and Agent Kats. The wire forced itself into her mouth and reached the throat rapidly. The blonde began to yell but soon succumbed to the pain. The wire was now slowly untwisting itself from that girl and began to slither towards the second one who was appalled beyond her bare wits when she saw the fate of her friend. She attempted to flee but Agent Kats was quicker and who by that time had lost patience with the nagging affair, released herself from the roof, licked her titanium fingers once and sunk it into the blonde's throat. There wasn't a drop of blood but the girl just stood still, with the last of fear still dancing in her eyes so wide. It was poison. Agent Kats' cells had poison in them! She retrieved her sharp steel fingers back into her knuckle sockets and the blonde hit the floor in one motion.
Agent Kats just looked upon her victims with satisfaction and started to shrink into her shell posture. She was almost near me when she gave a look of “Silly girls..They deserved it” and then lazily floated back into me.

The train had shrunk back to normal size and my head was lighter than the usual. I hate it when Agent Kats inflicts so much pain and misery and causes a lot of destruction, but sometimes without her, the situation could get far worse than imaginable. Although I hope, I won't have to need her help far too often. Thanks Agent Kats!



Ann said...

lol :D now i knw whz talking thru u wen ur all fired.. n m amazed! truly!! wholly!! absolutelyy!! by ur sci fi alter ego :D 'Beware' s 'the' word sistaah!!

gosh!! phew!!!

d agent katz series is a refreshing read :D contrary to your hope.. I hope katz shows herself often :P ;)

the confident, uber sexy, cool.. but oh soo unperturbed action packed diva :D wt else u hv hidden inside u swat ;) let out!! let out :P :D

aeroyogi said...

haha..:D thanks ann!lets see if Agent Kats feels the need to resurface again! ;)

Anonymous said...

pls increase your frequency of blogging. im going mad at work without reading your posts for a long time.

aeroyogi said...

:) I'll try my best Anonymous.. I wanna write more too..:) Little crunched for time.. :(
urm..If you are that bored may be you can do a couple of my assignments? ;) :P

Anonymous said...

hehe..tnx for the offer. I too have plenty of assignments. What i actually meant was that best way to beat boredom is by reading your posts. :)

aeroyogi said...

hehe...yeah i got it.. was just trying my luck :P thank you..thank you..thats really encouraging.. I shall try my best to be more frequent.. :)

adarsh said...

There is a trait which i've always longed for an unfortunately i dont possess even a bit of it. that so,ething is drawing. If i could just draw characters, i promise i'd have made this one a comin strip and given it to you!!! Swear...

aeroyogi said...

I'd have liked that! you could still try..;) Thanks a ton..:)