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This blog is named after one of my poems. Even thought its not the best of the lot, I just fell in love with those words- The Psyche Unknown...

Friday, October 29, 2010

Rein over...

Note: Not very often I write slushy material, but on the rare occasion that there is a chemical misfire in my body, a sappy piece like this one that unintentionally resembles many (living and dead) egresses. I wouldn't mind if you skipped it. :-)

As the sun sank low,
A heart that fluttered,
Longed to settle,
with a song of love
that had it flicker;

Ringing the soul like a newly born,
Cockling the senses like a spirit birthed young
She found her breath enlaced in his,
As one, for one, she knew they were wound.

She had feared, for the loss would kill-
the desires that she had needfully built;
But the day his blue diamond of an eye had reckoned,
She had coerced and let him rein over..

Like a farmer's pasture, like a climbers rock,
Her faith had forged into his deepest vein;
As the morning blossomed, and the dreams untwined,
His quivering lips had seized her in rein.

Being an ugly duckling that she was,
She cared not why or how he loved,
The uncouth brown of her eyes, mystic plenty,
Had the mountain of a man take the rein over..

With fantasies exploding, and the space drawing in;
They discern the sound of their hearts as one,
Time speaks and waits for none,
The hour to part, they realize has come.

The silence when the hearts unhinge,
A deafening gloom to withhold;
The pulse profligates beyond the nerves,
Leaving libertine drops of blood and tears.

She lay there stunned, mutinous to speak;
Her fears had come alive too quick a peek;
The minutes spent turned to nothing of sense,
And she still lay there in a mess under his rein.

She had asked for it, she remembered,
To be freed off the sweet pain,
Now that the sparkling blue resentfully stares away,
The sting of the rein sharpens on the prey.

A girl of dreams that she has been,
Continues to tread in the path she laid,
The necessity to walk free is ever so high,
She turns back to retrieve her lost rein in vain.



Ann said...

ahem ahem! interesting.. very very interesting ;)
wt can i say.. ur at ur poetic best wen ur all sappy n slushy n mushy!! :P naicee :) :D

aeroyogi said...

haha :D thanks ann.. your one faithful reader.. :P

Ann said...

I am I am... pleasure is all mine :P :)

ash said...

Wow.Awesome..Keep going girl. U are my inspiraton to write blogs..I hope u keep inspiring

aeroyogi said...

Thank you Ash...:) That is very encouraging.. I hope I can live up to the expectations..

adarsh said...

yake banthu ee kavithe...just curious

aeroyogi said...

It was the surroundings Adarsh.. :) I was travelling back by train in the dusk and it was green pastures and autumn woods all the way.. :) I dunno, somehow the mood felt like lost cause for a random damsel.. Hopeful and yet hopeless..something soft n romantic in the air and yet something harsh.. I dunno if you understood that fully.. :-o Well, just know,it was one of the rare chemical misfires in my brain...thats all! :)