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This blog is named after one of my poems. Even thought its not the best of the lot, I just fell in love with those words- The Psyche Unknown...

Monday, June 14, 2010

A million times over....

Feathers spread warm and bright,
She glides high and might,
An angel so prime she is,
I bow on my knees to my goddess so kind.

Held me tight, has she always,
Picked me up from the ground,
Despite my ego clad songs so long,
I lap in her eyes tall and sound..

Not a word of falsity,
No pretense of being guile,
How, I cannot fathom her patience so firm,
That turns me round-around on ground..

The world might be lost,
For her thoughts have I conquered,
No straw had I picked,
To gain such an honor.

She feels my breath every arc,
Across the oceans yonder,
How, I cannot fathom her heart so large,
That can unendingly love beyond the bond.

When I crumble beneath the vessel of existence,
She holds the freight that guns her down,
Yet she smiles and hides me under her veil,
Faces the wrath and fury prolonged.

As I stand amidst the graves ,
She clutches me hard and steers me loud,
The world sneers at my deeds those deserved,
My tears trickle into her embrace profound.

She believes in me when I do not,
And converts me so with no afflict,
How, I cannot fathom her trust is placed,
That realizes a hope of life I dreamt.

The most beautiful of nature I've known,
She wears out in sentiments drawn to me,
How, I cannot fathom, an ugly wight like me,
Seems to her like the paradise's Queen..

A single lyric will do injustice,
To the lady I know is a miracle,
How, I cannot fathom I adorned her feminity,
If not a blessing thats ONE and true.

I would depart with glee,
To again be from you,
A million times over, I'd cry,
Mother, Thank you.......