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This blog is named after one of my poems. Even thought its not the best of the lot, I just fell in love with those words- The Psyche Unknown...

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Monday, September 16, 2013

Allegory- Insurrection...

To a mirror image, to an inspiration, to a wonderful, wilful woman I know... 

The howling winds only made her strong.. She couldn't stop smiling as she gasped for breath.. Intense and heavy as was the recent past, she was just glad it was all over.. Not feeling the pain, not feeling that pinch of guilt any more, and not surrendering to all her fantasies made her feel powerful.. even amidst that fire shooting through her skull.. She felt her flesh being cut open with a blunt knife and yet all that she sensed was intense relief.. The feeling of self and the feeling of being..

The cosmos had played tricks with her.. She had been taken on a mammoth ride..She had tried hard not to throw up and be embarrassed.. unsuccessfully of course! With twists that shattered her body and tugs that ruined her soul, she was bruised beyond repair.. Harder as her grit got, stronger were the forces that sheared it apart until she had flowed all over the place.. One couldn't blame the coldness that eventually cast in and the hardness that followed setting her flesh in stone.. She had found it hard to forgive, a trait that she prided on long before the circumstances.. Her grin had turned lopsided and it seemed like it could never change..
What more could a stone turn into? She sensed one day.. The forces weren't enough to break her any more and the whips of misfortune couldn't maim her henceforth.. They kept striking like similar waves on a shore to no sensational effect.. She knew the end was no where near but a certain numbness erased any evidence of worry in her. The realization embodied as a dim but strong light in her.

She toppled onto the top and stood glaringly against the elements that mocked her.. That had, had her in their reins and then beaten into a swarm of blazing lava..That which tricked her into building trust on a mantle brick by brick only to shake its very foundation cruelly.. But acceptance had become her friend.. her strength.. the source that breathed life through her at her worst.. Her fortitude had remained a humble servant and her new found love for patience and nonchalance rejuvenated her..

She stood there with rooted feet as the winds nearly tore her skin, as the fire charred her bloody black and as gales of fumes swallowed her lungs. She stood there with the broadest smile one could have and the peace innate felt golden to her. The forces shrunk with every quarter of her widening mirth..and she felt her strength return.. The bliss of letting go of her hatred, doubts and complaints had been the key.. She let them all go in exchange for apathy and she felt radiant. Closure was what she had needed and bruised beyond relief was what helped her.. The act of an ending was marked by the start of a new beginning.. A beginning that promised nothing in return for all that she went through. The field wide open and blank, was becoming her favourite playground. Oh! what a feeling not to feel a thing! She knew that eventually this had to stop. There was not enough strength in the universe to bring her down. She now knew she could handle it. Letting go of sand that slipped by, of bricks taken down by force, of pillars that were never hers and of a domicile that never would be was becoming easier by the second. Her fortification of rebellion was growing strong and she stood mutinous within. She wouldn't beg for a change. Her pride of all wasn't lost. The forces would drop their guard. Her rebirth would well be spectacular and when it ensued, she would be prepared to strike with vengeance. For now, she shrunk so small within that familiar, safe, diffident inferno of her insurrection that she could breathe nothing but the abhorrent present off her heated hulk. Peace vested her, her eyes closed and all that was left was a wise, radiant smile...