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This blog is named after one of my poems. Even thought its not the best of the lot, I just fell in love with those words- The Psyche Unknown...

Monday, April 14, 2008

Smile of the cloak..

Standing on the cliff above,
Peering down at death below,
My limbs shiver in ecstacy and pain,
For now I know, I'd end it all in gain.

Before I slip, I take a moment,
Rolling back into the unretrievable,
I see myself trodden upon,
By the pace of deer and care unkind.

I have sure seen the vice of failure,
Its armour of despair and hope negative,
The cloak of peril chugging along,
And the fortitude to lose it all that was built.

Many have I seen,who succumbed to pain,
Many have I seen, who embraced the cloak,
Have I rebuked, mocked and laughed at them,
The irony of life-
I look for support admist their graves.

I have nothing to lose for I have lost it all,
Time in pursuit of happiness momentary,
Trust unbanked 'cos of my follies,
And oppurtunities for I have ignored many.

My cold feet on the ground,brings me back to the minute,
I think no more and head downwards;
The smell of death piercing the winds,
And the cliff behind kissing the clouds...

The blood pounds, ripping my veins,
Know not the pain for this is peace,
But is it truly?? calls my dying mind,
For I lay, on the fervid rocks, that drinks my soul,
No friend or foe to commiserate my state.

For had I differed, would I be in a place far blessed,
For had I waited , would I chasten my deeds with care;
All I now have is time to bid,
To let the vultures of past engulf me in..
And to let the gift of life slip through thin....

I wish I differed, would someone save??
An inaudible voice of mine screams for aid..,
But I know I have erred largely;
The smile of the cloak tells me the tale.......



n said...

Great work ! I just love ur' style of writing :)


aeroyogi said...

hey thanks karthik.. glad atleast few of them read it.. :)