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This blog is named after one of my poems. Even thought its not the best of the lot, I just fell in love with those words- The Psyche Unknown...

Friday, July 13, 2012

He called me a gal..

This is for a friend... Hope you find your redemption, Cinderella! :)

Baggy tracks and unthread brows,
A punch and thump, for all I was known,
No gloss, no roses, had ever caught my eye,
Every guy in town was a buddy of mine.

Then he comes, he comes like a man,
The doors were held and the stairs were fanned,
Hard enough to stand, this unusual tenderness,
Fuddled I talk, like a drunken pan.

I danced to his tunes, his tunes so mesmeric,
His voice so deep and the eyes that flashed
He called me a gal, a gal in real,
I could bow to the man, as I would to none.

He exudes elegance, gentle and strong,
I was stormed from the weight of the crown,
My rolled up sleeves and torn jeans so wrong,
Were just like that of the ol’ guys downtown.

I knew not this feeling, for it was surreal,
Thence, I mess up with my hallmark blow,
I am reminded, the ugly duckling that I am,
I holler for more, like the gates of a dam.

He turns away, repelled and appalled,
I smile, cos’ I know he was galled,
I excise the spirit that steered him away,
Leaving the memory, fresh like in May.

A wise world, for I see it now,
A new start, for I make it now,
Forever, will that gentleness touch-
that hoyden who adored it so much.



Ann said...

missed you honey.. glad your back n writing :) n an awesome piece again :) love it :)

n ahem i don't know who the ugly duckling is! but ul always.. always be my swan ;) kiss kiss :)

Aeroyogi said...

Hey, glad to be back as well! :) Thanks! ..the ugly duckling is a metaphor girl.. never mind the details! happy to hear I am your swan! ;) :D