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This blog is named after one of my poems. Even thought its not the best of the lot, I just fell in love with those words- The Psyche Unknown...

Tuesday, August 30, 2011


Three months and not a post here... Yes, I know. Many of you are suffocating just like I am. But somehow life here is just demanding cheques that I am barely managing to cash out without losing what little sanity prevails in this nearly bankrupt brain of mine. Not that it is an excuse… or may be it is one! I have been upto a lot of things these past 3 months and I have loads to tell. I started writing several articles but finished none. But today, after 14 hours of asphyxia in my “Chamber of secrets” (I shall explain sometime), some terrible results to boost my rage hormones and mystical plots that mocked me with profound vanity, I subconsciously clicked on my blog tab for some reading therapy that probably would also inspire some energy and creativity in my tired spine..
I’m hit with the deepest pang of guilt, worse than the one when the library dome peeps into my new abode while I try to take some time off. Unattended and forlorn, with only visitors who came were in search of “white haired anime girl”, “anime girl’s eyes” and the likes. The page looked dead, literally. Not to mention the dip in the blog’s ranking. My intestines twined harder by the second and hence this post for penance.
Past three months have been action packed-more than ever. A couple of trips to Paris and Germany, moving into a new house and furnishing it from the scratch, exams, assignments, thesis experiments, understanding Indian system of law and constitution and pondering over Jan lokpal, freelance journalism, trying my vocals with a band and few other things that seem to evade my memory now, have all been the cause for this blasphemy.
I had beautiful words to describe my trips and its results.. But well, now I can’t seem to articulate most of them. Have lots more to tell, but the security guard announces in thick Dutch accent that the building closes in five minutes. I have to get out and walk back home in the getting-colder-by-the-minute winds of Holland. If not for this announcement every night, I probably would have changed my residence address to Klyuverweg.
“Mevrouw, het gebouw sluit…..” I know, Shut up! I’m going!

I will write soon. I promise.


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