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Friday, March 26, 2010

Agent Kats in the house! (Story 1)

Well, if you are wondering who this Agent Kats is, you are one of those who did not read my blog at the right time. She had shown herself to the world for few hours today. She is my character, born out of me. Actually she had never surfaced any day before. Few circumstances yielded in her rising.. A character that stole me away from me. I wish you all could read about her. But Vignesh just showed me how dangerous it is for the world to know about Agent Kats right away! Not that it hadn't occured to me but I was so in love with my intrepid, audacious, invulnerable and dominating character that I wanted the world to read about her. I still do. But may be a little change in perception was called for. You will get to know her better in due course of time.

Agent Kats. She was born out of abhorrence. She has a split personality, but any form she adornes, her ultimate motive is to cause misery and destruction, a gruesome end is what she craves and strives for! Destruction of those who torture, drill, bore and grind your senses and absolutely get to the worst side of you. I love Agent Kats, not beacause she is me, its because she is not me!

She is super sexy, carries an athletic body that probably won her medals in the Olympics, wears black leather, has a ruler straight hair that brushes her back just beneath her shoulder and a tuft of hair always falls on her eye. She has an OMG3 console that acts as a weapon manufacturing database for her. But she hardly needs it. She can move with the agility of a snake while can balance herself better than a cat! Not unlike a spiderwoman, her brain is razor sharp that can work on different areas at once and her confidence alone could just obliterate you. She thrives in an invisibility shell that senses the need of her services. Half a thumb tall in her shell, when risen from her slumber transforms into a dark, translucent, six feet tall woman with rage tat could ignite hell. She is simply amazing.. I love her!! I feel sorry I never gave her a chance to face up these many years!

She has had a couple of ventures too in the recent past where she valiantly destroys the enemy with her ingenuity, exuberant skills and robust weapons. Grown men those who obviously have undervalued her, have experienced the worst of brutal destiny. Her most recent one would rock your ground. Literally. What else can you expect with a 200 dB sound level?

This wrong-doer (we shall call him enemy target) smelling cigarette-ish had caused a lot of annoyance and misery. He challenged the powers of the all-prevailing Agent Kats and her endowment. Thats when Agent Kats exploded out of her invisibility shell. I felt like someone was giving her drum rolls behind! She flew out like a Ninja with fury undefined. As she landed straight on enemy target's shoulders, she transformed herself into the six-feet phantom. A spectral delicacy for the eyes! He could already feel her weight. Aha! Pay back! He began crumbling while Agent Kats only stood her ground! When the enemy target could no longer tolerate, he buckled on his knees. Agent Kats zipped out her console and threw it in the air high above. As she did, the audio command prompt bleaped. She muttered something to it and then I couldn't believe my eyes and ears. There were all sorts of weapons that lined up and then formed a delta. Odd sounds emanated from those vibrating artilleries, none that I could recognise. But I saw the target down on the floor screaming clutching his ears. I did not understand. The noise wasn't that bad. Perplexed I look at Agent Kats. Her lips twisted wickedly and pointed at a small screen on the gizmo that had stationed itself in mid-air right at the center. It was then I realised she was directing all the 200 db worth sound towards the target. Normally, threshold of pain is 120 db.When exposed to sound levels greater than that, constantly, it could lead to a variety of misfortunate abominable ailments. Agent Kats did nothing but to stand on his chest nonchalantly with folded arms. I wonder how she shielded herself and me against the sound! Pressure built up and blood started oozing out of his ears and nose. She hadn't touched him and yet he couldn't stand against Agent Kats' mightiness. His body was contorting like as though he was being electrocuted in a cold water bath. Sensing he had enough after a while, Agent Kats lazily pulled out the center most contraption and muttered in a strange language into it. All the gadgets fell into a single line, roved around the target in an involute fashion and swept themselves cleanly into the OMG3 console.

Agent Kats zipped the console to her waist and walked gracefully upto me. She never spoke to me but something in her eyes told me that she would always be there for me. I held her up in my palm and she stood there wit a benign smile. I thanked her and she calmly walked right into her invisibility shell. The shell simply floated into me. All of a sudden I felt light by a thousand pounds.

She exudes an aura around herself and anyone in her vicinity. Her power is ineffable and she is enigma personified. I am yet to discover lots about her. Atleast it looks like there is a lot more to her than this. When I do, the world shall be enlightened better.:-)



Ann said...

whoa! nw this is called 'running ur imagination' :) :D

hmm.. everybody has different facets to their persona, some would rather not talk about a few of theirs for the mere notion, that what they are may come in the way of what they want to be seen as..

truth is.. an individual is never defined by a few traits, its the entire package. A whole individual. Not a brand of a few dominant feelings. And I am proud U see ur moods as part of you, not an outburst.

And you should never go fearing of expressing yourself. Everybody has a 'i will kick ur butt if u mess with me' moment! And gal! if ur alter ego is as sexxay n fascinating as 'Agent Kats', then u dare not lock her up, ever!! Shez a free spirit :) Let her be ! she is a part of U. cherish her all the more :)

Amazing read :) Gives a new insight into ur persona n inner psyche!!

Wud love to hear abt kats n other facets of u ;) :D

aeroyogi said...

Thanks Ann.. You shall hear more about Agent Kats provided she surfaces again. You see I am usually a peace-loving soul! ;)
Or else I'll just have to utilize her for other 'tasks'.. hmmmm...;)
i hope this experiment in writing turns out well :)
thank u! :-*

Anonymous said...

Hi Swathi,
lovely imagination. Would like to know more about your character.

aeroyogi said...

Thank you Anonymous! Will write more about her soon..:)