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This blog is named after one of my poems. Even thought its not the best of the lot, I just fell in love with those words- The Psyche Unknown...

Thursday, January 28, 2010

A lie...

The yellow of the leaves, strewn on the streets,
Bespeak of the dour glowering gloom,
The ripple in the puddle when my foot heaves across,
Elicit my nerves to a frightening bloom.

Smell of the wind, fresh off the barn
The spirit of battercakes baked beyond,
As full a promise it might seem,
Takes a toll on the kernel within.

Departing from a lie, did I dream so forth,
Envisaging a life of ecstacy and gold,
Riches spent on another falsity,
The gusts of merriment could speak out bold.

I erred and I look, now, for I find the truth,
I clipped my self to the lie I had brewed,
A life now I see marred by swamps,
I cannot walk without a stain on my back..

My hair trips across my face,
Stings like a mother redeeming her tiddler,
Frozen, I brush aside the afro and held,
I see them standing with a smile never so rare.

Overridden with guilt and shame,
A drop of tear escapes my essence,
I pity my term, and look for escape,
From the fear, gloom and the made mistakes.

And yet they say, you will return,
The stain just admonishes your further trials,
I hope with my heart they are true to the core,
For the fear of failure is nibbling the lesions galore..

28/01/2010, 11:21 pm


Ann said...

n yes.. i know you will return :)
its a just a phase.. ul grow out of it as has always been.. :)

aeroyogi said...

:) thanks! :)wat wud i do without u?