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Saturday, July 4, 2009

Mind?? Freewill?

Have you ever considered the human mind before? A question no doubt asked by many in the beginning of their articles. Scientific, spiritual, philosophical…. anywhere. This even kind of irritated me whenever I came across it. But today faced by the anomalies of my mind I stood to realize why that question is often asked! Well, I have considered my mind before but never before in this angle. It is sort of contorted and unwilling to bend in certain places. It also holds up a depraved grin across, hindering my advances towards any modification. How is it that the mind which has been taught from the scratch in any one way or the other suddenly starts to dominate by teaching you things which you might have as well not known!

So much for the eternal worries of parents, they try teaching their kids of what’s necessary for a successful life. They do miss out on various elements thinking their kids would learn it in due course of time. Mercy from any source would be welcome then. This little mind too just adheres to what its taught all the while. But then what happens suddenly? Why is it all the more bent on learning things that it may not need even when you focus on not learning it? Or rather that which could be a harm in the path of success? And its more disgustingly intensifying as it tries to rule you. Isn’t the mind supposed to come under the free will of a person albeit the brain decides what’s best? I have always thought that free will is something that can be exercised ruling out the decisions sent by the brain, barring/supporting any instincts and that which cannot be questionable. Even by fate! If that is true then how is it that the actions are influenced in such a vast way against the free will? What is the physical aspect of the mind?

Or am I just getting it all wrong? Is it that the mind is always in your control but its just the free will that’s playing games? How does one explain my situation right now? I am typing this article very much wanting to put my ideas but the mind wanders off elsewhere. What is it that is acting on me negatively? The mind or the free will? Is it just the free will that’s contorted and refuses to bend and not the mind? If so then it can’t be called free will right? If I want to write I should be able to without change or disruptions in plan. That’s what is free will all about but if I’m changing course mid way involuntarily then what is it that’s acting on me? Change in free will or is it the mind over ruling the free will? Can that happen???


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