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This blog is named after one of my poems. Even thought its not the best of the lot, I just fell in love with those words- The Psyche Unknown...

Sunday, March 8, 2009

On the lam..

I wake up from my slumber,
Talking things with my psyche,
I realize the journey to be embarked,
Has found its time to depart.

I walk through the mist
Hazed and sleepy as a log,
I cannot see a thing of the ulterior,
I just tread in the rumbles of the path.

I know not where the dark leads,
But have I set out with a fortitude so rare,
The eremitic elements of nature call out
To cark my resolve of years from the past.

I climb along the pathless alleys,
With the stitch in my rib squalling gore,
I cross the rivers, mountains and shores,
For the only love I truly have wallowed.

High on the rocks, far from the ground,
I squat to think of the mystic later,
The haze around slowly dissolves,
The chill defeats me less and my breath unthaws..

Then came the light through the revery,
Just a band of colours hugging the winds,
I hear my heart, wild and expectant,
Knowing what am I truly looking for.

The tiny globe of crimson unveils,
The countless opportunities strayed beyond,
The first rays of the golden orb embrace me tight,
With the dew whistling in the morning light.

My scarred skin irradiates on the summit,
Refurbishes my soul through depths,
The drift of pastures high and might,
Oppugn my grit and dreams of long..

I refuse to give up,
I refuse to give in,
There, is my destiny,
There, is my everything,
My one love is all I own.

I stand up on my recuperating feet,
Overlooking the million roads,
I spot the one that I decide to trek,
With faith immense and pleasure galore..

I set out with a renewed vigour,
With a smile I feel unfeigned,
I know my dreams are just near the orb,
Fatigue can wait along with the world apart.

I run with insanity and rage of hope,
Laughter ringing through the flush of grass,
My ragged attire poise no gainsay,
I lam from my past and head for more...

This voyage discovers the true me,
With the endless expanse of roads alone,
All the roads, I know, will lead to my Rome,
To meet my destiny, my love and the dreams I adore.....



Mohit Jain said...

The poem is like all ur previous poem typically ur style , but something is missing , i could not figure out , do u think likewise?

aeroyogi said...

hmmm... i really dunno.. personally i felt real good abt it.. better than d others.. u must tel me man.. ud know wats missin better!

Mohit Jain said...

like i say a poem makes the most sense to the poet , its only he who writes can relate to it he most , may be i don't have the right perspective to relate here. If you hv written it and u like nothing else should matter , so just keep writing...cheers