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This blog is named after one of my poems. Even thought its not the best of the lot, I just fell in love with those words- The Psyche Unknown...

Monday, February 9, 2009

Realization Dawns..

I lay in the crowded night,
Staring at the festal stars,
Blue, Red and white twinkles
Upon my mind in tangles.

They humor me probably,
Coz' I feel no merry,
Disarrayed and dis-embarked,
I stare; for that's all I can.

The incinerating hope,
Had blinded me long,
I cant now see anything,
Even as its clear of smog.

I see drifting psyches around,
With varied facets of life hung,
I try to discover their thoughts,
Alas! I cant steer my mind out of my own.

I dwelt there in thought,
The fervid rocks chill my spine,
Why did I encompass the unattainable?
I search an answer for the prior nescient glee.

I breathe in through scruples,
Comprehending my state,
The guilt of the time pretermitted,
Is stinging every waking cell with mirth.

Realization dawns, I know for sure,
Those same million cells scream for aid,
Haven't I botched my life enough?
In dreams that I should never have dreamt.

Can I stop?, is the fresh misery,
Cos' the dreams were all worth this pain,
I see my hopes squashed and dreams turn away,
I wonder my sanity and tryst with fate.

I coerce to accept the verity,
But seems inconceivable,
Realization dawns from beyond the horizon,
I exhale as the jocund stars silence and recede.

May be the dawn teaches,
The blue, red and white bands shining,
New hope it might bring, New dreams it might preach,
Ill wait as one, for, pray out loud, realization dawns from somewhere within....

Swathi Krishna

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Mohit Jain said...

I need to open up a dictionary , everytime i read ur poems , but is always worth the effort, words of the exact shade that should be there , amazing.